Dataset Description using Orange tool

he “spam” concept is diverse: advertisements for products/web sites, make money fast schemes, chain letters, pornography…

Our collection of spam e-mails came from our postmaster and individuals who had filed spam. Our collection of non-spam e-mails came from filed work and personal e-mails, and hence…

This blog is about data preprocessing using the Orange tool to explore Orange library in python and perform various data preprocessing tasks like Discretization, , Randomization, and Normalization on data with help of various Orange functions.

In the Orange tool canvas, take the Python script from the left panel and…

Data pre-processing is one technique of data mining using that you can convert your raw data into an understandable format. In his practical, we will take one dataset and performing the following task.

  1. Standardization
  2. normalization
  3. encoding
  4. discretization
  5. imputation of missing values.

We take one dataset that is Students Performance.


Nowadays everyone wants that technology can help them to make them work easily. So as an IT student I made one simple project which can help to people to check there eye number.


The basic purpose of this project is to to check there eye number.

libraries and software:



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