Data Pre-processing using Scikit-learn

from sklearn.preprocessing import StandardScalernumeric_columns = [c for c in data.columns if data[c].dtype != np.dtype('O')]
temp_data = data[numeric_columns]
standard_scaler = StandardScaler()
standardized_data = standard_scaler.fit_transform(temp_data)
pd.DataFrame(standardized_data , columns = temp_data.columns)
from sklearn.preprocessing import MinMaxScalernormalizer = MinMaxScaler()
normalized_data = normalizer.fit_transform(temp_data)
pd.DataFrame(normalized_data , columns = temp_data.columns)
from sklearn.preprocessing import LabelEncoderle = LabelEncoder()
data['Status'] = le.fit_transform(data['Status'])
one_hot = OneHotEncoder()
transformed_data = one_hot.fit_transform(data['race/ethnicity'].values.reshape(-1,1)).toarray()
one_hot.categories_transformed_data = pd.DataFrame(transformed_data ,columns = ['math score', 'reading score'])
transformed_data.head()transformed_data.iloc[90 , ]data['race/ethnicity'][90]




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