Retina Tracking using Unity3d(c#)

3 min readOct 6, 2020


Nowadays everyone wants that technology can help them to make them work easily. So as an IT student I made one simple project which can help to people to check there eye number.


The basic purpose of this project is to to check there eye number.

libraries and software:

I made this program using these libraries. Unity3d hub with unity 2019.4.0f1 or higher version , visual studio code(or sublime)and AR foundations AR core XR plugin and AR subsystem package.


In this project we have to add visual studio code to unity for code implementation and install the packages for windows like AR foundations , AR core XR plugin and AR subsystem.(for ios user you have to install AR kit XR plugin instead of AR core).

After install the packages now you have to open the unity and create the project. now first you have to delete the main camera from hierarchy because AR Foundation package must include the AR camera.

My project have some hierarchy of different file. here for easy use we have to create some different folder like materials, prefebs, scenes .

project windows

here I have create two materials one for left eye and second for right eye .now we have set the property of both materials which is given below.

inspector mode

now we have put both the materials into the scene and create the prefebs for eye tracking and set their property.

now we have add the some package in hierarchy mode which is shown in blow figure and set their property.

now we have create script for eye tracking and add all the dependency. Here we create two different script one for check eye tracking is supported on this device or not and another for tracking of eye.

Now we have add some text for eye supported on device adviser .

In this canvas package we have add text file and set their property which is given blow.

canvas text

Limitation :

There is some limitation also

  • less secure.
  • here we track the eye but cannot must precisely
  • & many more.

Let’s Conclude

After doing this project, I have learned so many new things. I will work on some other stuff like check the eye number very precisely.

I will do experiments on this project and if it will work, then I will also increase the strength of the project.